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FemMed Zurich KlG | General conditions of admission and treatment

Booking an appointment with FemMed Zürich KlG

By booking an appointment with FemMed Zürich KlG, the patient agrees to the general conditions of admission and treatment described here.

Cancellation of booked appointments

Booked appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled at short notice (i.e. within the last 24 hours before the appointment) will be charged to the patient privately (i.e. not reimbursed by the complementary insurance assuming such an insurance is given). Appointments must be cancelled by telephone (044 599 92 92) or by email (

OSTEOPATHIC MED.: A fee of CHF 210.00 will be charged for a missed or short-term cancelled first consultation and between CHF 130.00 and CHF 190.00 for a follow-up consultation. The invoice will be waived if the appointment can be given completely to substitute patient.

Costs of the FemMed Zürich KlG services

OSTEOPATHIC MED.: Invoicing is based on tariff 590. Tariff 590 is a list of outpatient complementary medical services in accordance with supplementary insurance law (Versicherungsvertragsgesetz VVG). Services are invoiced according to effort and complexity. The tariff rates are between CHF 11.00 and 22.00 per started 5 minutes. For emergency appointments on the same working day, a fee of CHF 30.00 in addition to the basic rate is charged.

Reimbursement of treatment costs by health care insurance
OSTEOPATHIC MED: Osteopathic services are not covered by compulsory basic health insurance. The costs are usually reimbursed by the patient's private complementary insurance according to the Insurance Contract Law (VVG). In the event of an accident, the reimbursement of the costs by the accident insurance company must be clarified by the patient. Each patient is responsible for clarifying by whom the costs are reimbursed.
Visana policyholders: Visana pays a maximum of CHF 15.00 per 5 minutes. The difference between the reimbursed costs and the applied tariff rates for osteopathic services are invoiced to the patient privately. These will be shown on the invoice as „nicht versicherte Kosten: Behandlung pro 5 Minuten“ (not insured costs: treatment per 5 minutes”).
Helsana policyholders: No reimbursement.

Payment for services by FemMed Zürich KlG

In general, FemMed Zürich KlG offers to their patients to pay for their obtained osteopathic services by invoice. This is done by the Ärztekasse (Caisse des Médecins, Cassa dei Medici). FemMed Zürich KlG can also collect the amount owed directly in cash or via Twint (surcharge fee of CHF 5.00 with Twint payment). Invoices are to be paid within the payment period (30 days), regardless of the reimbursement of the health insurance company. Delays cause additional administrative costs for the patient. All other services and products are to be paid for on site in cash or via Twint.

Patient data storage, sharing and protection

By booking the appointment with FemMed Zürich KlG, the patient agrees that:

1.The patient’s clinical and administrative data may be stored in an electronic database.
2.The necessary patient data may be forwarded to the invoicing company (Ärztekasse) as well as to the institutions commissioned with any collection and to the responsible state authorities.
3. Access to the patient's medical files may be requested and, in the interests of the patient, may be forwarded to the treating physician or to other medical or paramedical persons.
4. The communication and correspondence with the health insurance companies regarding the administrative and clinical data documented in the course of the treatment may be carried out.

These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

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