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A pre-conception check-up

A pre-conception check-up aims at optimally preparing your body for pregnancy. Existing or underlying restrictions, which may cause problems later on during pregnancy will be assessed and treated if necessary. Therefore a pre-conception check-up may help to make sure your body is ready to cope with the changes that it is about to face.


Infertility can be associated with e.g. adhesions and/or torsions of the uterus and fallopian tubes. Poor blood supply or pelvic congestion as well as hormonal imbalances can also contribute to ifertility problems. Osteopathic medicine might help in the treatment of such functional conditions and therefore potentially increase the chance of a natural conception. Treatment can also help to optimally prepare and support your body when going through IVF.

During pregnancy

The aim is to reduce pregnancy related symptoms. Osteopathic treatment may also reduce complications during delivery by addressing specific underlying dysfunctions or by simply optimising the body’s ability to adapt during the process of delivery. This might reduce the complication at birth. Symptoms you might encounter include:

→ pelvic, low back, neck pain

→ coccyx pain

→ morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort

→ urinary infections, incontinence

→ tiredness

→ breathing difficulties

→ venous and lymphatic congestion in the legs, haemorrhoids

After birth

Post-partum problems you might encounter include:

Post-partum treatment, rehabilitation and management is aimed at a smoother recovery and a reduction of long-term problems caused by the stresses and strains of birth.

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