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Osteopathic medicine focussed on women's health can help with the management of common problems related to this phase of life. Below some examples of conditions or dysfunctions that might be indicated for osteopathic treatment:

The genitourinary system

Chronic pelvic pain

→ Menstrual cycle problems (heavy, painful or absent periods, premenstrual syndrome)

→ Hormonal problems (e.g. PCOS, thyroid issues, etc.)

→ Endometriosis, fibroids or cysts related symptoms

→ Pain during or after intercourse

→ Infertility

→ Post laparoscopy/laparotomy

→ Chronic urinary infections

→ Stress or urge incontinence

The gastrointestinal system


→ Constipation

→ Reflux, bloating

→ Hiatus hernia related symptoms

The musculoskeletal system

→ Low back pain, sciatica

→ Pelvic/ coccyx pain

→ Headaches

→ Adhesions and postoperative scarring from e.g. mastectomies, laparotomies

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